Why we use actors to create a truly immersive experience

And the Academy Award for best immersive experience goes to…

Of course, there isn’t an Oscar for immersive experiences but if there was, the A Life in a Day actors would win it year after year.

With award season underway, it is a great time to shine the spotlight on the essential role our actors perform and celebrate their talents as they bring to life the emotional impacts of living with a long-term health condition through role-play.

Along with regular interactive challenges sent in our app and a physical kit of items, role-play is a vital element of the immersive experience of A Life in a Day.

From being given your diagnosis by the A Life in a Day doctor over the telephone, to receiving a call from an impatient and frankly unsupportive A Life in a Day boss, as participants go about their normal working day, the disruption this causes and reactions it evokes puts participants right in the middle of life as a person with a long-term health condition.

How do role plays enhance empathy?

Now, role-play might not be for everyone, but our actors skillfully guide participants of A Life in a Day through the conversations, creating an authentic experience of discussing and hearing often hard-hitting messages, and leaving them with the emotional impacts of having difficult and sensitive conversations about their health and their future.

Until you have experienced being told ‘you have cancer’ or ‘you need a heart transplant’, you cannot comprehend the turmoil, confusion and terror that brings as the feelings and reactions come flooding through.

But don’t just take our word for it, here is a sample of what previous participants have said about the role-play element of A Life in a Day:

“I received a call from my ‘pretend’ boss, and it was up to me to decide how to handle it. I put it out there, informed her I am unwell, and I was appalled by her reaction. I was truly shocked, and this is only role-play for me!” – Andrew, Medical Director

“Even though I knew it was a role-play, it felt so real.” – Matthew, Regional Business Director

“When I was told I needed a new heart, I went cold. Logically I knew I didn’t, but hearing the words made me feel like a real patient and I’ll never forget that.” – Pharmaceutical Sales Specialist, USA

This is the reality for patients of many long-term health conditions, and by immersing themselves into a patient’s position, participants experience these everyday challenges patients face.

So, as we look forward to celebrating the very best of artistic and technical excellence of film and small screen, we want to give a deafening standing ovation to the A Life in a Day actors, an incredible group of talented individuals who are essential to the overall experience of living as a patient with a long-term health condition.

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