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“Often insight is just linked to big data or quantitative research. Clinical research only enhances this where more often primary end points are quantitative and not quality of life motivated” writes Mike Dixon, regular Pharmaceutical Market Europe Contributor, and CEO of The Healthcare Communications Association.

Following an A Life in a Day experience in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), Mike shares his personal experiences plus the impact the experience has on improving communication and research in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. 

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A Life in a Day is an experience like no other that transforms patient centric thinking and behaviour throughout your organisation and increasing passion and commitment by enabling individuals to appreciate the importance their role can have in improving patient lives.

I would argue the quality of the insight is everything. The adage ‘we get back what we put in’ comes to mind. In all our work we should be striving for the best insights possible and that, of course, includes understanding the lives of those we are trying to help with our health innovations.

Mike Dixon, CEO, Healthcare Communications Association

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