A focus on: Sustainability

“In the universe are billions of galaxies, In our galaxy are billions of planets, But there is Only One Earth.”

UN Environment programme

Achieving sustainable development is an essential part of what we do. At A Life in a Day, we are patient obsessed and we understand the impact of environmental factors on the well-being of others. The World Health Organisation report that 13 million deaths are caused by avoidable environmental factors. We are dedicated to making additional, positive contributions to the environment.

The Kit

The items included within our experience kits are designed with a reduction of waste in mind. Every item is designed to be environmentally conscious, recyclable, and reusable wherever possible. For products that cannot be recycled we have encouraged, and have seen, kit items are donated to charities or hospitals where they can be put to good use elsewhere.

Achieving carbon positivity

When shipping, our delivery teams ensure that kit is shipped using the most carbon-efficient means available. By deploying warehouses globally, we are able to deliver to our global audiences quickly without the need to rely on air travel.

Whilst carbon emissions in shipping is unavoidable, we have implemented the practice of supporting the plantation of seagrass for each parcel shipped. When our recipients receive their kit, they are also making a carbon positive contribution to our planet.

Seagrass is an essential part of our ecosystem and not only supports marine biodiversity but is also a major tool in our fight against climate change. The WWF reports that seagrass can capture carbon up to 35 times faster than tropical rainforests and, even though it covers less than 1% of the seafloor, it accounts for 10-18% of total ocean carbon storage globally.

If you would like to learn more about our programmes, and how they help clients unlock patient-centricity strategies, or if you are an existing client and would like to share your stories of how you have reused your kit items, please get in touch.

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