BOPA/UKONS peer review report recommends…

New paper published on BMC Nursing recommends incorporation of RRS (A Life in a Day) into HCP training and continued professional development.

Authors from the British Oncology Pharmacy Association (BOPA) and UK Oncology Nursing Society (UKONS) have explored the impact of the A Life in a Day experience. The article is available now and the results supporting how increasing empathy encourages practical, tangible change in patient care, are a must-read.

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The paper has identified five main outcomes following their research. These are:

  • Holistic understanding of the patient
  • Reflections on practice
  • Changes in practice
  • Outreach to colleagues
  • Education & Training

Mark Doyle, Founder, A Life in a Day posted on LinkedIn:

“I lead the cancer CNS meeting for the trust, and I actually put it on the agenda to talk about ‘cause I just thought it had such a big impact on me. I just wanted to share and just say to other people to, if given the opportunity, to absolutely get involved.”

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About A Life in a Day

A Life in a Day focuses on giving pharmaceutical and healthcare professionals greater insight into the challenges that patients with chronic health conditions face by allowing them to step into a patient’s shoes. An award-winning, innovative programme, its experiences are rooted in patient insight and uses the theatrical background of co-founder Mark Doyle, an experienced actor, to elicit emotional responses and support the development of patient-focused and empathetic working practices.

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