How do we truly drive organizations into adopting patient-led initiatives?

Do patient-centric initiatives need to be justified with tangible results or is it enough that it is ‘the right thing to do’? In our December webinar, we brought together experts from AstraZeneca, Ipsen and ZS to discuss just that and it is now available on demand.

In this hour-long panel discussion, panelists shared their viewpoints and answered questions on several hot topics around patient-centric initiatives including:

  • How should you value patient centric initiatives – do we always have to show ROI, or are “softer” outcomes beneficial too?
  • Is there still resistance to investing in internal patient centric initiatives? How do you manage objections?
  • Is it wrong to expect everyone in an organisation to be “patient centric”?
  • How can you truly drive organizations to adopt a patient-centric mindset? Are we already there?
  • Overcoming ‘pilotitis’ and is it okay for patient-centric pilots to fail?

Our panel of ‘patient focused’ thought leaders also shared their personal case studies. They highlighted the barriers to success and how they overcame them to deliver long term benefits for the organisation and the patient.

This webinar is a must-watch for anyone considering launching, or already involved in, a patient-focused project. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about how you can deliver on your patient-centricity promise with A Life in a Day, get in touch.

Tight on time? We share some of our highlights

Culture eats strategy for breakfast!

Sharon from ZS shares why she thinks the answer to a patient centric culture is mindset not strategy…

What happens when people question the commercial value of patient centricity initiatives?

Susan from Astrazeneca shares her view on this question. How do we deal with pushbacks, justify our actions and raise the patient voice?

We cannot let the patient down!

What are the risks of overstepping our patient initiatives? Ipsen’s Global Patient Officer, Emma, shares her insight, opening an amazing conversation:

Finally, can you align patient centricity with getting the first person on the moon? Click below to find out…

Many thanks to our panel for their amazing insights into delivering, and measuring, patient-centric activities.

Emma Sutcliffe, Global Patient Officer, Ipsen

Mark Doyle, Founder, A Life in a Day

Susan Hendrich, Learning Director for Respiratory, Immunology and Infectious Disease, AstraZeneca

Sharon Suchotliff, Associate Principal, ZS

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