Introducing three new experiences – each with a unique approach

A brief review

We are so excited to see the industry shift towards a patient-focused approach over the past few years, as our report of early 2022 which showcases greater investment towards patient centric initiatives clearly shows.

Just this December, we had the pleasure to announce that we have now helped over 10,000 participants be more patient focused and have delved into the importance of measures to support patient led initiatives.

However, we have so many more impactful stories to share to help the industry deliver on its patient centricity promise, so here is a taste of what is coming early-mid 2023.

RSV: A Life in a Day, from a different angle

For over five years we have delivered our completely unique experiences to simulate the personal, professional, and social challenges associated with a life-limiting medical condition by immersing the participant into the shoes of a patient. But in 2023, we are taking a slightly different approach.

Our upcoming experience focusing on Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) places participants in the shoes of a parent of a child infected with RSV, taking them through a different yet eye-opening journey.

Why a different approach?

The World Health Organisation estimates that RSV accounts for more than 60% of acute respiratory infections in infants and young children and accounts for 2.2 million hospitalisations and 66,300 deaths worldwide [1][2]. This new approach allows for all stakeholders to identify and understand the challenges around RSV, leading to actionable change in identification, support and caregiving.

We are super-pleased to announce that an initial internal pilot has been an amazing success, and immersing the individual in the shoes of a parent or caregiver has proven as immersive as being in the individual experiencing the disease as patient.

We look forward to sharing this experience with you later in 2023. Get in touch if you would like us to contact you once it is available.

Introducing Eosinophilic Esophagitis – exploring a new therapy area

Whilst we were all enjoying our Christmas dinners, individuals with chronic diseases may have had a completely different experience.

“Last Christmas I was living with friends, and they were going out every night for drinks. But I was having a flare-up of IBD and was absolutely exhausted. I had to tell them I couldn’t keep joining them, which meant I missed out on a lot of fun things.”

Sarah, sharing her experience of IBD

Having shared stories from many patients who have been impacted by a chronic illness, we have received some incredible feedback on how this has helped individuals gain a deeper, holistic understanding of the therapy area.

This is something we will replicate with our newest experience for Eosinophilic Esophagitis or ‘EoE’. A chronic immune system disease that affects the esophagus with symptoms including difficulty in swallowing, impaction of food, regurgitation and more.

Get in touch if you are interested in learning more about our new experience.

Introducing Clinical Trials – exploring a participant’s full journey over three days

Can you really know what it’s like to take part in a clinical trial? Is it possible to understand the discomfort, inconvenience and emotional impacts of a trial without experiencing it first-hand? These are just some of the questions we asked when a client approached us to develop a new experience to help them understand – and change – how they conduct clinical trials.

As another new approach to the A Life in a Day experience, the programme spans three-days to explore multiple facets of the journey of a clinical trials participant. From the hopes and concerns that may drive their decision to join a trial, to the multiple challenges a participant may face as the trial progresses. All whilst maintaining our high level of dedication to the immersive experience,

Why three days?

Whilst our experiences usually run for 24-hours, we decided that this timeframe will not give the stories and experiences of clinical trial participants the impact they deserve. The three days break down the journey from the participants decision to join the trial, their experiences throughout as well and leads well towards its conclusion. This offers participants a greater insight of the patients journeys at all levels – all whilst learning in the flow of work.

Whilst our experiences usually run for 24-hours, we decided that this timeframe would not give the stories and experiences of clinical trial participants the impact they deserve. By operating over three days, the journey details all aspects of participation; from application and screening, through the impacts on work and family of treatment and continual monitoring, to the patient’s outcome at the trial’s conclusion. This offers experience participants a greater insight into the total patient journey, all whilst learning in the flow of work.

This latest experience, having now completed its external pilot, goes a long way to providing the empathy and understanding needed to truly shape future clinical trials around the needs of patients.

Looking forward

Our creative team have worked amazingly hard over the last few months, working with our patient community to deliver amazing experiences to help shape practice in the pharma and healthcare industries.

If you have not yet done so, follow us on LinkedIn for the latest news, events and experience announcements.

“As a result of this experience we are now developing patient and caregiver educational materials on how to better take care of their skin, understand the disease and thus be more compliant to the treatment.”

Andrea, Global Medical Director, Switzerland

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