Now on demand: moving beyond the individual patient experience

We sat down with Trishna Bharadia to discuss all things patient last month, and explored how teams working alongside patients in drug development can work synergistically to get the most out of any patient interaction.

You can now view the webinar on-demand below:

Drive empathy and improved patient interaction in clinical trials

Our latest clinical trial experience offers a three-day journey that drives participants to think, feel, act and speak like a patient.

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We share some of our favourite moments below:

About our guests

Trishna Bharadia, BA(hons), MFPM(hon)

Trishna Bharadia, BA(hons), MFPM(hon) is a multi-award winning health advocate and patient engagement consultant who also lives with several chronic conditions, including multiple sclerosis. Based in the UK, she works nationally and internationally with multiple stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem, including the pharma industry, digital health companies, academia, clinicians and charities/patient associations to better embed the patient voice throughout the healthcare journey and medicines development lifecycle. ​

She is a patron/ambassador for several health- and disability-related organisations, is a Visiting Lecturer on patient engagement at King’s College London university and sits on numerous steering groups, committees and governance boards. ​

Mark Doyle

Founder, A Life in a Day

Mark Doyle is co-founder of The Method, a British learning and development company, and creator of its award-winning, immersive A Life in a Day programme. Driven by a belief that healthcare works best when centred around patients’ needs, Doyle designed A Life in a Day to support greater patient-centric thinking, engagement and care among the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. To date, these experiences have been delivered successfully to clients in more than 55 countries across the world.

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