Meet the Patient: Jen, Individual with IBD

In the weeks leading up to World IBD Day, Head of Patient Community Bev Bryant sat down for a chat with one of our contributors to our A Life in a Day experience, Jen Rose.

Our A Life in a Day experiences are built from conversations with many patients to deliver a deeper understanding of their experiences in addition to driving empathy and practical change. Today, we delve even deeper into the story of one of our contributors to one of our brilliant programmes.

View the recording on demand below.

I remember being mortified, having to discuss my poo with doctors as a child. And I remember them saying to me, "so you know, how many times are you passing stool?"


Many thanks to Jen for her commitment to sharing her experiences in both the webinar and our A Life in a Day experiences.

You can follow Jen on LinkedIn or Instagram as well as learn more about her book, delivering positive IBD experiences to children at

Learning more about the patient experience

All of our experiences are built around, and share, real patient experiences. And, supported by our three components, we deliver a unique immersive learning simulation that helps life science professionals deliver on their patient centricity promise.

To know that the whole program was built on real patient feedback made the experience even more intense to me”

Sarah, MSL, USA

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