Are you employing this one tool in your pharma sales?

We spoke with the amazing Mani Chidambaram last September to discuss how sales teams within the pharmaceutical sector can use empathy as a tool to connect and open new avenues for development with their audiences.

Packed with amazing insights, the webinar is available on-demand.

Weaving in the patient experience, weaving in the physician experience, weaving in the nurse experience, whoever touches that patient, it’s important that our representatives and our commercial teams have the empathy.”

Short on time?

We can empathise that sales teams are constantly busy, so we have curated some clips from last month’s webinar for you below:

How have pharma sales evolved?

Long gone are the days where sales teams were successful on the number of calls they made in a day. In pharma and healthcare, we are not selling widgets and a successful sales team will understand how we have evolved to understand that empathy is an essential skill when speaking to ANY stakeholder.

Benefits for the patients

We all know that the patient is becoming more connected with their own healthcare journey, but how can we employ empathy to drive a hard-win by seeing through the eyes of a patient?

Breaking the script

We no longer work in silos, and empathy is now naturally woven into every successful sales conversation we have!

Unlocking patient focused conversations in sales teams

Want to see how we have helped sales teams connect with their clients through our unique, immersive experiences? Check out our latest case study!

When a sales rep demonstrates a real understanding of the patient experience, and can back this up with really strong patient insights, it’s a much more natural opening to a call. It gets the physician engaged and starts a two-way dialogue."

Elizabeth, Commercial Learning Manager

Speaker details

Mark Doyle, Founder, A Life in a Day

Mark Doyle is co-founder of The Method, a British learning and development company, and creator of its award-winning A Life in a Day experience. Driven by a belief that healthcare works best when it centres around patients’ needs, Mark designed A Life in a Day to support the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries in developing patient-centric strategies for more impactful engagement.

Mani Chidambaram, Senior Director; Commercial Training, Sanofi US

Mani Chidambaram is Senior Director of Commercial Training at Sanofi US. With over three decades experience within the pharmaceutical sector, Mani is recognised as an innovative health science learning and development thought leader within the industry, collaborating cross-functionally to achieve optimal outcomes.

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