Exploring Patient-Centricity with Our Co-Founder: A Trilogy of Insights by Mark Doyle 

Here at A Life in a Day, we are obsessed with patient-centricity. It is at the core of everything we do, as we provide our unique immersive experiences to help those in the life sciences develop their understanding and empathy for the patients they serve. 

Our co-founder, Mark Doyle, has been at the forefront of this drive, sharing his valuable insights and experiences through a series of articles throughout the year. Let’s delve into these articles to gain a deeper understanding of patient-centricity and its transformative impact. 

1. How Deep Does Your Patient-Centricity Go? 

In this first article Mark published this year, he explores the depth of patient-centricity within the industry and emphasizes the need for a comprehensive approach that goes beyond surface-level initiatives. A fascinating read for those looking to embed patient-centricity into the core culture. 

2. Empathy: The Under-Valued Pillar of Patient-Centricity 

Mark also took a deeper look into empathy and how it acts as the cornerstone of building meaningful connections between healthcare providers and patients. The article serves as a compelling reminder of the essential human element needed within the pharma industry and healthcare. 

3. Turning a Patient-Centric Mindset into Action 

Image of people working as a team

In his final article, Mark provides a step-by-step guide for organisations looking to bridge the gap between thinking about patient-centricity to full implementation. Based on real life narratives, this article is a manual for anyone working towards a patient-centric future. 

Keen to know more about our patient-centric approach with our 24-hour immersive experiences? Check out the therapy areas we cover, or get in touch to see what we’re developing in 2024. 

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