Webinar: Putting the patient at the heart of clinical trials

Can a focus on empathy improve recruitment and retention in clinical trials?

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Date & Time: February 28, 2024 | Time: 3:00 GMT, 4:00 CET, 10;00 ET

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    About the webinar

    Join us for this thought-provoking session as we speak to the Global Head of Patient Informed Development & Health Value Translation at Sanofi Victoria DiBiaso and learn how her transformative patient centric approach in Clinical Trials resulted in revolutionary benefits for her team and Sanofi.

    Through this webinar, we will highlight how the use of immersive learning and how developing patient empathy has enabled Victoria and her team to truly understand what it means to put the patient at the centre of their clinical trials, resulting in tangible change and data-led results.

    Webinar Highlights:

    Throughout this discussion, we will explore how focusing on increased understanding and empathy on patients can lead to outcomes that include:

    • Reduced burden
    • Better quality data
    • Reduced costs
    • New strategies to improve recruitment and retention

    Learn firsthand how you can improve your very own clinical trial recruitment process and foster participant engagement.

    Join us live to pose your questions to both Mark and Victoria to better understand how you can utilise immersive learning in team development to improve your own upcoming (or current) trials.

    Don’t miss out on this opportunity to understand how you can shape your own clinical trials through a better understanding of the patient experience. We look forward to sharing our insights with you this January!

    Speaker Details

    Mark Doyle, Founder, A Life in a Day

    Mark Doyle is co-founder of The Method, a British learning and development company, and creator of its award-winning A Life in a Day experience. Driven by a belief that healthcare works best when it centres around patients’ needs, Mark designed A Life in a Day to support the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries in developing patient-centric strategies for more impactful engagement.

    Victoria DiBiaso, Global Head, Patient Informed Development & Health Value Translation, Sanofi R&D

    Vicky has 25+ years of clinical research experience. She holds a Master of Public Health, is a nurse by training and wife of a person with Parkinson’s. She has been recognized as one of the Top 20 Industry Innovators through integrating patient communities into R&D decision making.

    She was one of the first industry leaders to establish a series of trial site & patient networks to provide advisory expertise to development staged clinical programs. These upfront partnerships have helped transform R&D models whereby therapies are developed WITH patients and their stakeholders to reflect their priorities.

    She recently established, and Chairs, the US based PALADIN Consortium bringing together advocacy and industry leaders to optimize collaborations that hold the potential to transform the pace of medicines development.

    Vicky is also an advocate for the Parkinson’s Disease. She has supported clinical research education efforts, run 4 marathons and climbed Mount Kilimanjaro on behalf of the MJFF community.