Coming Up in 2024… Continuing our Journey Towards Patient-Centric Innovation

We hope you have had an enjoyable, and restful, end to 2023 – if you have not yet caught our end-of-year video you can find it below. It isn’t just a highlight reel; the team created it as a love letter to each of you who made it a year of breakthroughs and heartwarming moments.

2023 was most definitely a year of making waves, and driving real outcomes in patient centricity, and we’re not slowing down.

Read on to learn more about how we are making our experiences even better for our clients and communities!

Driving real outcomes: 30-day follow-ups

If you took part in one of our experiences in the second half of the year, you might have heard about our 30-day follow-ups – they’re not just reminder. They are a way of asking you ‘are you turning your patient centric mindset into action’ and driving outcomes that benefit you, your company and the patients!

We are committed to weaving patient centric practices into the very fabric of life sciences and healthcare, driving innovations that help you deliver on your patient centricity promise.

Patient Community Development

It’s no secret; Without the patients that contribute to our experiences and share their, often personal, stories we would not be able to bring our immersive experiences to teams worldwide that deliver such amazing outcomes.

In 2024, we’re continuing to work with patients to not only share more experiences, challenges and stories around living with various chronic conditions, but we will also continue to build our community – and what this means is more feedback, more Meet the Patient videos and even more real-world patient insights.

New Therapy Areas: What’s Next?

At present we have over twenty immersive experiences in areas ranging from oncology to rare diseases and we are looking to create even more in 2024!

In the pipeline, we have:

We are continuing to use technology and innovations to drive empathy, and this means we will be bringing participants closer to an understanding of the discomfort, stigma and anxiety that living with a condition brings.

Our amazing creative team have a busy start to the year working on these, and other experiences to support our clients drive towards a patient centricity mindset but we want to hear from you.

Are there any therapy areas itching your curiosity? Got suggestions that could be game changers in your field of expertise? Book a chat with one of the team and let’s work towards understanding what it is like to think, feel, act and speak like a patient!

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