on-demand: Putting the patient at the heart of clinical trials

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In our latest webinar, we spoke to Victoria DiBiaso, Global Head, Patient Informed Development & Health Value Translation, Sanofi R&D to discuss the evolution of clinical trials in recent years and how being more patient focused can improve results.

We explored Victoria’s unique expertise and real-world examples on how Sanofi have put patients at the heart of their clinical trials and explored the various practical ways they have done it.

Watch our on-demand webinar if you want to:

  • Engage HCPs and patients to improve your trial outcomes
  • Understand first-hand how you can best understand patient challenges in trials
  • Design and deliver better patient-focused trials

    We have regulators that have now put policies in place with an expectation to work with patient communities… Certain countries will even ask to what level have patients reviewed specific items, or fed into your clinical development plan."

    now on demand. Clinical trials webinar with Victoria DiBiaso

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