The importance of regulatory teams in patient engagement

As a company that focuses on putting the patients at the heart of what we, and our clients do we have seen patient engagement emerge as a pivotal focus area for driving improved outcomes and delivering value to all stakeholders involved.

However, despite widespread recognition of its significance, there are departments that  have minimal connection to patients, It is generally viewed that regulatory teams fall into this category, where patients have no immediately visible link to their output. So we ask, what is the value of patient engagement for a team focused on criteria that is regulatory in nature?

Overcoming Perceptions: Regultory Compliance vs. Patient-Centricity

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With most companies having an element of patient focus woven into their core values and overall business strategy, it’s important all internal stakeholders are aligning with these values, regardless of their day-to-day interaction with patients. All decisions within the company should be made asking the question “is this in the best interest of the patients we serve?” A question that anyone in any department can ask themselves daily.

Furthermore, the benefits of a patient-focused mindset within regulatory departments can support collaboration. Where regulatory teams may not talk to patients directly, the daily tasks and processes they implement directly impact on teams who are representing the patient voice on behalf of the company.

For this reason, engaging regulatory teams in patient-centric initiatives is not just beneficial but essential for achieving comprehensive success in today’s pharma landscape. By involving regulatory professionals in patient engagement efforts, pharmaceutical companies can ensure that their strategies align with regulatory requirements while also meeting the needs of patients.

The Role of Immersive Experiences

A Life in a Day’s immersive experiences provide a unique opportunity for regulatory professionals to gain firsthand insights into the experiences, challenges, and needs of patients and caregivers. By immersing themselves in the patient’s world, regulatory teams can develop a deeper understanding of the human side of healthcare, which is crucial for effective patient engagement.

And the benefits go well beyond driving empathy. Regulatory professionals can gain insights that surpass what can be gleaned from traditional research methods. By stepping into the shoes of the very people their work is supporting, they witness firsthand the impact of regulatory decisions on patients’ lives, fostering a deeper appreciation for patient-centred approaches. Armed with this knowledge, regulatory teams can advocate for policies and practices that prioritise patient needs while still meeting regulatory requirements.

Enhancing Strategies through Collaboration

In an earlier webinar with Urs Voegeli, Janssen, we identified the value of breaking down the silos between departments and sharing patient experiences company-wide. Involving regulatory teams in patient engagement initiatives can lead to more robust and effective strategies. Regulatory professionals bring unique expertise and perspectives to the table, enhancing the design and implementation of patient engagement programmes. By collaborating across departments, pharma companies can develop more holistic approaches to patient engagement that address both regulatory and patient needs.

Forging a Patient-Centric Future

Bringing regulatory teams into the fold of patient engagement is crucial for driving meaningful change in the pharma industry. By involving regulatory professionals in patient engagement efforts and leveraging immersive experiences, pharma companies can ensure that their strategies are not only compliant but also effective in meeting the needs of patients. Together, we can create a future where patient-centricity is the norm, not the exception – get in touch to understand how we can support you in putting patients at the heart of what you – and your regulatory teams – do.

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