Meet the Patient: Claire, living with heart failure

In the fourth of our Meet the Patient series, where we share the stories of individuals living with various health conditions, we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to speak once again to Claire Sheppard, who gave up her time to share her journey of living with heart failure.

In a 22-minute conversation, Claire spoke candidly about her experiences during treatment. She highlighted the moments when she felt truly understood and supported, as well as the times when she wished for more empathy and attention from her healthcare providers.

Claire believes that being better listened to and understood could have significantly improved her outcomes. She emphasised the need for a holistic approach to patient care—one that considers not only the physical aspects of the disease but also the emotional and psychological impacts.

Claire’s message is clear: listening to patients can lead to better care. When professionals take the time to truly hear their patients, they can make more informed decisions that align with the patient’s needs and preferences. Claire’s experience underscores the importance of communication and empathy that can lead to better results for us all.

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