A season of engagement: A Life in a Day at industry-leading events!

This past few months have been a whirlwind of engagement for the team at A Life in a Day! We’ve been busy attending some of the most impactful conferences in the field, all united by a common goal: revolutionising patient-centricity in healthcare.

Patients as Partners EU, London

This year, the Patients as Partners conference, held on the 14th and 15th of May, once again served as a major event for promoting key insights into the value of the patient voice in our industry. The A Life in a Day team were privileged to attend once again as exhibitors with a pop-up session, and we are excited to share our insights and experiences from this dynamic gathering of industry professionals, patients, and advocates.

Kasia, Mark and Mostafa at Patients as Partners 2024

This year’s was kicked off by Co-Chair Victoria DiBiaso, Head of Patient Informed Development & Health Translation at Sanofi and offered a thought-provoking insight into delving beyond the conventional concept of patient centricity and going further to deliver tangible outcomes that deliver measurable changes for both the company and the patient.

Not only did Victoria share her insights into what a fully integrated approach looks like, she also shared some of the ineffective practices to avoid. These insights helped shape the day, particularly in the following keynote by Sarah Zenner-Dolan, patient advocate and former pharmaceutical executive who shared her insights into her experience regarding patient centricity within clinical trials.

Reuters Pharma 2024, Barcelona

Reuters Pharma 2024 brought a global perspective to patient engagement. The conference brought together well over 1,000 people and

Kate and Cora at Reuters 2024
Kate and Cora at Reuters Pharma 2024

covered a wide range of topics, from regulatory changes affecting patient involvement in clinical trials to the use of artificial intelligence in predicting patient needs. A standout session featured a panel of international patient advocates discussing the cultural nuances of patient engagement across different regions. The discussions underscored the need for tailored approaches that respect and incorporate diverse patient experiences and expectations.

It was an exceptionally busy show, and we were fortunate enough to have an exhibition stand on-site. If you managed to spot us at the show, we’d love to hear from your thoughts on our stand design – connect with us on LinkedIn and share your thoughts on the conference!

Whilst the team were kept busy on the stand, we had the opportunity to hear from Damien Bailly, Head of Established Markets, Astellas Pharma Europe, who spoke around elevating customer engagement and outcomes in pharma and the importance of prioritising patient input across the medicine lifecycle – which is something we can all get behind!

16th Annual Patient Recruitment and Retention Summit, Berlin

The 16th Annual Patient Recruitment and Retention Summit was a new event for the A Life in a Day team. The event delved into cutting-edge strategies for ensuring diverse and engaged patient participation in clinical research.

We were fortunate enough to be invited by the organisers to present with Emma Sutcliffe, VP Global Patient Officer at Ipsen to talk about the value of patient experiences and insights.

David and Kate on our stand
David and Kate showcasing a powerful, emotive experience at Bio 2024

BIO International Convention, San Diego

We were invited to join the UK pavillion by the UK Department for Business and Trade to showcase the A Life in a Day experience.

Whilst the team were too busy to attend any of the sessions at this event, we still had some amazing conversations with CRO’s and pharma companies and there we had some amazing conversations around how patients should be placed at the heart of anything our industries do.

Patient Centricity and Engagement Conference, London

We wrapped up our conference season this June at the Patient Centricity and Engagement Conference on the 20th June, where we were enthralled by dynamic discussions about the future of patient involvement in healthcare. The emphasis on collaborative research and the importance of amplifying patient voices resonated deeply with our team. We were particularly impressed by the presentation from Anders Blaedel Lassen, Senior Director at Lundbeck, who explored innovative ways to embed patient needs into the core of healthcare organisations.

Mark and Beyza at Patient Centricity and Engagement Conference 2024
Mark and Beyza (Novartis) share the stage at Patient Centricity and Engagement Conference 2024

We also had the opportunity to present alongside Beyza Klein, Global Patient Engagement Director at Novartis, who shared her brilliant insights into how the team have used our immersive patient experiences across multiple therapy areas to drive change cross-functionally at Novartis.

Beyond the conferences

Throughout these events, we were thrilled to showcase A Life in a Day’s immersive patient experiences, and the impact they have on empathy and understanding, and how they drive new ways of thinking about patient care.

The positive feedback we received further strengthens our commitment to placing patients at the heart of everything we do.

It was also great to hear our experiences mentioned in several of the other sessions – so we must be doing something right!

Looking ahead

This year’s events have reaffirmed the critical role that patients play in shaping the future of our industry, and provided valuable insights into how we can all work together to improve patient outcomes. 

The A Life in a Day team left feeling inspired and motivated to continue sharing the value of empathy and patient insights in delivering measurable results. 

We look forward to continuing the discussion and continuing to champion the patient voice in all that we do.

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