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A Life in a Day was inspired by a need across the healthcare sector to increase patient centric thinking and behaviour – simply, to put the patient first.

Our Story

In 2015 we were approached by a client who was ready to spearhead real change. They asked us to create a programme that could help make patient centricity a tangible, measurable reality. We delivered a ground-breaking, immersive learning experience that has the power to inspire genuine empathy, and transform the way users think about what it means to be a patient.

Creating star performers

Our background

A Life in a Day has been developed by the learning team at The Method, a creative training company founded by, Mark Doyle an actor, and John Keates a writer, in 2005. With a background in theatre and film, we’d witnessed first-hand the immense value of storytelling in learning and development. We created a trail-blazing business, crafting unique, innovative, and immersive training experiences to a diverse range of clients, from BAE to Pfizer.

insight, empathy and understanding

Our journey

We knew A Life in a Day was a good idea , but had no inkling of the extraordinary journey we were about to begin. What started as a project designed for 20 users, has wowed audiences in over 55 countries. We are continuously developing new programmes across multiple therapy areas with a focus on highlighting the physical, social and emotional challenges faced by patients living with chronic illness. At the end of 2020 we were were delighted to win Gold for Best Use of Mobile Learning at the Learning Technology Awards and Silver for Best Use of Simulation or Virtual Environment for Learning.

And we’re just getting started.

Measuring impact

We understand how important it is to support innovative ideas with concrete evidence.

In 2018 The University of Westminster published research on our programme that evidences how effective immersive learning is on increasing empathy and understanding of the lived experience of patients with IBD.

The study “Walking in a Patient’s Shoes: An Evaluation Study of Immersive Learning Using a Digital Training Intervention” shows statistically significant increases in six key areas:

  • Understanding of living with IBD (p<0.00025)
  • Understanding of physical symptoms of IBD (p<0.00025)
  • Understanding of emotional and psychological issues (p<0.00025)
  • Empathy towards people with IBD (p<0.00025)
  • Confidence talking to stakeholders about the impact of IBD on patients’ lives (p<0.00025)
  • Increase in perceptions of organisational innovation in its approach to patient-centred care (p<0.00025)

Who supports us

We have worked with some amazing patient support organisations in the development of our programmes and are delighted to have received their endorsement.

“A Life in a Day is an incredibly powerful way to bridge the gap between people working in pharma & healthcare and the day to day reality of patients.

We often hear about organisations and healthcare professionals who want to be more patient-centred in their approach – this is real world patient centricity in action.

Rose Woodward – Co-founder, Advocate, Patient

“It is so important that people working in every aspect of healthcare fully understand what it’s like to live with a condition that is life limiting and has a detrimental impact on the patient quality of life. A Life in a Day offers deep insight into the realities patients face every day of their life. This product will focus teams on the real challenges patients face.”

Nick Hartstone-Evans, Chief Executive (Founder), Pumping Marvellous Foundation

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