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Heart Failure: Improving patient-focused conversations

We delivered our a 17+ hour long live immersive simulation to support a new product launch in cardiovascular for a large pharma company.

The what and why…

Traditionally, pharmaceutical companies have employed patient interviews and videos to try and provide that vital insight for their sales representatives; yet, these exercises are often far too easy to detach from. As such, while they can be very successful at developing sympathy for the patient, they fall short of creating the true empathy and understanding needed for successful patient-centric selling. Therefore our client was looking for a programme that would quickly build empathy and understanding with sustained results.

  • Piloted in January 2020
  • Rolled out from Q2 2020 to over 800 participants
  • Participants predominantly field sales, also senior leadership, medical and marketing
  • Delivered in 4 languages to 36 national markets across the world

The results…

“Every internal selling validation I have observed today has involved the reps telling the doctors about the ALIAD experience and how it has impacted them. “

Development Manager, Global Commercial, UK

This award winning programme was driven by the commercial learning and development teams globally. The incredible impact the experience has with the early stakeholders is consistently being identified in the field sales force.

In fact the impact has been so impactful we are now developing 2 more experiences in other therapy area in support of product launch.

The Stats

increase in confidence when talking to stakeholders about heart failure
would recommend to colleagues
increase in empathy for patients with heart failure

“I have never done anything like this. It truly puts you in a patients’ shoes, and it really gave you new perspective and empathy.”

Marketing CVRM, Sweden

“I had my experience yesterday, and can tell you it has given me a completely new outlook on HF. I am going to change the way I prioritise this in our region” 

Brand Manager, Dubai

”The best immersive experience I have ever completed”

Regional Business Director, UK

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