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Heart Failure: New insights for R & D Professionals

female scientist in a busy research lab

We delivered 7 versions of our live simulation experiences globally to research and development teams within a large pharma company.

The what and why…

A large pharma company approached us with a challenge to help support their R & D and clinical teams during the development phase of their heart failure drugs.

The client was looking specifically at building a greater connect between clinical research teams and the end patient. We worked closely with the client and created 7 versions of our immersive simulation experience that delivered exactly on their requirements and with great success to over 100 people. They were so pleased with the results the programme was rolled out globally throughout 2020.

  • Initial programme delivered to Europe, Asia and USA teams
  • Rolled out globally through 2020
  • Year long availability of the simulation

The results…

“This was an amazing experience. It’s easy to learn about conditions and how to treat them but putting yourself in the shoes of a patient really uncovers the many other difficulties individuals face on a daily basis.”

This highly immersive simulation programme proved to be a true eye opener for many of the participants involved. The incredible effect the experience had helped increase patient focus around the impact of heart failure and encouraged clinical staff to think even more empathically about heart failure in new creative ways.

It was encouraging to us and true testament to the power of this unique programme that our client was so pleased with the initial results that they quickly signed off on a global roll out to all their R & D teams.

The Stats

would recommend to others in the company
increased confidence talking to stakeholders about heart failure
increased knowledge about heart failure

”What can I say, it’s been amazing, a true game changer! I hope we can put the whole sales team through it in the coming months”

Brand Co-ordinator, Brazil

“The experience was more than rich, it’s really a way to cultivate empathy with our patients, and educate us as caregivers.”

Employee of Global Pharmaceutical

Well what an experience that was! In over 15 years I have never experienced a training package as enlightening and useful as this one.”


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