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How A Medical Affairs Team “reconnected” to Patients For Flagship Product Launch 

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A Life in a Day partnered with a leading pharma company to bridge the gap between its workforce and the patient community. In response to a need for deeper patient insights, two immersive experiences in oncology were delivered. The impact was significant, with a 54% increase in understanding the real-world impact of conditions, a boost in confidence during stakeholder conversations, and 91.5% of participants making changes to their daily roles.


A global pharmaceutical company, despite its patient-centric mission, struggled with colleagues perceiving patient experiences as “data points.”


  • Commercial Launch Team’s Dive into Breast Cancer Patients’ Shoes
    A Life in a Day responded to an urgent request to help the launch team gain insights for the commercialization of a flagship cancer product, starting with breast cancer. The goal was to understand the holistic patient experience beyond the treatment.
  • Urgently Needed Insights in Lung Cancer
    Following the success in breast cancer, a similar initiative was launched for metastatic lung cancer. This marked the first time the company had commercialized any product in this domain, amplifying the need for patient insights.
  • Assessment of A Life in a Day’s Broader Value
    Two pilot projects were initiated to test A Life in a Day’s resonance with co-workers and to evaluate the service’s practicality. These pilots, in breast and lung cancer, produced tangible results and led to active, positive interest among colleagues.


The experiences resonated positively, triggering active interest, cultural shifts, and increased patient-centric vocabulary in daily communications. Success metrics showcased the effectiveness of the immersive approach.

What’s next?

The success of the pilot projects has sparked enthusiasm for further collaboration. Launch indications for the flagship cancer product in oncology are on the horizon, and exploration into supporting other candidate molecules is underway. Discussions about integrating A Life in a Day into training curricula and expanding its use across different functions are in progress.

Before and after our experience

Measurable impact with A Life in a Day

The Stats

agree this will help foster a more patient-centric culture
increase in empathy
will be more effective in their role

Thanks to A Life in a Day, I have an even stronger foundation for discussing patient-relevant matters with our HCP customers. I’ll be able to ask very specific patient-focused questions as the best way for stimulating the right kind of conversation.

Birgitte, Oncology Brand Manager

People said it had actually changed their understanding of patient needs, enhanced how they work, and how they make decisions.

Nils, Patient Centricity Lead

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