Case Studies

Kidney Cancer: Engaging leaders in pharmaceuticals

We delivered our full day immersive simulation programme for senior leaders of a large pharmaceutical to measurably increase patient centric thinking and behaviour at senior levels.

The what and why…

A leading pharmaceutical company approached us with a significant challenge. They wanted to increase patient centric engagement in senior leaders in their Oncology field. The participation and subsequent feedback from the experience was also to form a part of the agenda for a leadership event within the organisation, to drive patient centric focus to the event and beyond.

Our client was really pleased with the results and the impact of the simulation experience on their leadership team was significant. Feedback from participants was hugely encouraging with many describing the experience as “very powerful”, “insightful but tough” and “emotionally engaging” and a “thought provoking and different experience”.

  • 6 experiences delivered to 101 participants
  • Coverage from 15 countries including France, Denmark, Germany, UK, Spain, Poland
  • Participants predominantly from the Oncology field
  • Over 5,000 challenges answered with 73% of participants completing more than 80% of challenges

The results…

“Very moving day, I didn’t realize how hard it can get. I’m sleeping with my girls and my husband tight in my arms tonight, it was awful to think about the impact on their futures.”

Chief of Staff to CEO, France

The Stats

increase in confidence when talking to stakeholders about RCC
Increase in knowledge about RCC
completed more than 80% of challenges

“Emotionally engaging, shared views with one of my colleagues in the toilets! Patient association is key – life is precious … thank you for the experience!”

Vice President, CHC, Poland

“A really REAL experience”

VP Transformation, UK

“Meaningful. Practical and didactic. Complete involvement.”

General Manager, Poland

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