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Kidney Cancer: Award-nominated patient centricity

We had a fantastic opportunity to work with BOPA (British Oncology Pharmacy Association) in collaboration with Ipsen in supporting their commitment to patient centric thinking with this group of UK pharmacists.

The what and why…

BOPA wanted to provide their members with a deeper understanding and empathy with the wider impact of the symptoms on the patients life. As well as an opportunity to reflect on ways in which they can continue to improve patients’ lives on a daily basis while living with such a life limiting disease.

Our unique immersive simulation was the perfect platform to do just that. We were very honored to be able to work with the BOPA team and Ipsen to deliver the programme in two cohorts to oncology pharmacists across the UK. We were tasked with the challenge of helping pharmacists think outside of the treatment box and immerse themselves into what the RCC patient faces every day, and with the outcome being that perhaps they might ask a few more questions to understand the consequence of the disease on each patient a little better than before.

  • Delivered to 20 practicing oncological pharmacists in the UK
  • Focused on increasing empathy and awareness to wider impact when treating patients with the condition
  • Nominated as a finalist in collaboration with Ipsen for the ‘Best Educational Programme for the NHS’ in the forthcoming HSJ partnership awards.

The results…

"This was an amazing experience. It gave me real insight into the condition. I have a family member going through a similar situation, and this really hit home. I think it’s a great platform to improve patient care for healthcare professionals. The way in which this experiment was conducted was of an excellent standard and very professional!"

Fundamental to what we do in the learning and development profession is strive to improve the skills and development of organisations employees and managers, throughout the UK and internationally. And with A Life in a Day we can really go a whole lot further and dramatically help organisations improve patient outcomes and experience too.

So we were absolutely delighted that our unique simulation experience not only provided a tangible result but we have also been nominated as a finalist for the 2021 HSJ Partnership Awards for Best Educational Programme for the NHS in London in June 2021.

The Stats

increase in confidence talking to stakeholders about impact on patient lives
Increase in feeling knowledgeable about RCC
increase in empathy for patients with kidney cancer

“I feel that this will really improve my practice. In a busy hospital, it can be quite easy to distance yourself from the reality of what patients go through. This experience will make me think more about the experience of patients in between their treatments and how they cope with it. I will be able to empathise even more with them in the future.”

James Lochrie, Specialist Oncology Pharmacist, Royal Free Hospital, London

It is going to change the way I think and talk to customers and colleagues about managing adverse side effects. This has made me think much more deeply about the impact of living with the disease and not just the data.

BOPA Member

This has been an incredible experience. To feel the impact of diagnosis and disease progression and its wider impact on a patient’s life is a game changer.

BOPA Member

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