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Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV): Transforming Understanding and Empathy

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Our client, who had recently developed a new vaccine for Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) in children, approached the A Life in a Day team with a unique challenge. Recognising the potential impact of the vaccine, they were also aware of a potential issue: RSV was frequently misdiagnosed for other conditions such as a strong cold, pneumonia or other conditions. The challenge was not only to educate internal staff but also external healthcare professionals about RSV – and the A Life in a Day experience delivered this and more.

A Different Approach

Traditionally, our immersive learning experiences at ‘A Life in a Day’ have focused on putting participants in the shoes of individuals with chronic conditions. However, this time, we took a different approach by immersing participants in the role of a parent with a child suffering from RSV. This shift presented a unique challenge, as it required us to convey the complexities of the condition through the eyes of a caregiver – where they would firsthand understand the difficulties of misunderstanding the condition alongside the accompany holistic issues surrounding RSV.

Whilst viewing the condition from a different perspective, the experience still included the emotional and practical aspects, from navigating diagnosis uncertainties to managing day-to-day life with a child affected by the virus.


The impact of our immersive learning experience was nothing short of transformative. Surveys conducted post- experience revealed a 89% increase in empathy among participants. Understanding of the condition saw a remarkable increase, showcasing the effectiveness of our approach in conveying the intricacies of RSV.

Perhaps most encouragingly, 93% of participants expressed their intention to change their approach to patient care, citing a newfound commitment to being more patient-centric. Furthermore, the overwhelming endorsement from participants was evident in the fact that 98% of them would recommend this immersive experience to others.

Encouraged by the success, our client expressed interest in extending the program across countries and regions, aligning with their product launch plan. This expansion will play a crucial role in disseminating knowledge about RSV and fostering a deeper sense of empathy among healthcare professionals globally.

The Stats

would recommend the experience
are inspired to think in new ways
Increase in understanding of the condition

Such an impactful experience. I will include what I experienced in data generation, trying to measure what I felt, as well as what parents and caregivers feel every day."

Gerard, RSV Medical Lead

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