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Top 20 Pharma Company Creates Global Change in Patient Centricity

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  • The client wanted to educate their team on living 24 hours in a patient’s shoes
  • Over 4,000+ participants in 33 countries have taken par in various experiences
  • As a result, changes have been made by HCPs, politicians, journalists and more


A top 20 pharma company was looking for ways to deliver against their company focus of putting patient’s health and wellbeing at the centre of everything they do. They wanted to educate their team on what it’s like to live like a patient, and experience 24 hours in a patient’s shoes.

This commitment to patient centricity resulted in them collaborating with us to create a series of immersive experiences focusing on gastrointestinal conditions, the primary therapy area the company wanted to start their patient focus journey with.

A Different Approach

In the last 6 years, they have had over 4,000 participants across multiple team functions take part in various simulations to emulate the challenges, choices, and conditions a patient may face living with a disease. Each participant has continued to live their regular life, but had challenges via an app, a physical kit of items and role-play phone calls woven into their day to help them understand what it’s like to truly live a day in the shoes of one of their patients.

With over 185 experiences being rolled out across 33 countries, the impact of the collaboration also extends beyond the numbers of involved participants. Over the last few years, the focus has been on disease awareness with external stakeholders including medical students, HCPs and politicians to influence every stakeholder involved in the drug development process.

It was impactful. I think this type of experience can be used across lots of disease areas, it makes such a difference. I am a GI nurse who knows a lot about the condition, but I understand the impact of a patient’s physical, social, and psychological well-being better now”.

GI Nurse, UK


The impact of the immersive patient experiences from this company has been seen in various ways around the world. In Croatia a group consisting of HCPs and journalists noted a 25% increase in their confidence in talking about the impact a disease has on patients. Medical students in Japan noted a 24% increase in confidence and a 35% increase in empathy after going through one of the GI-based experiences and politicians, HCPs and IBD nurses in Belgium collectively noted a 30% increase in confidence.

These numbers have led to monumental changes including certain diseases being higher on political agendas following parliamentary questions being raised and an increase in global media coverage in associated countries. The impact has not only helped the pharma company align with their patient centric values, but to drive tangible changes in the industry and countries in which they operate.

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