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Top 20 Pharma Gain 360 understanding of patients with breast cancer

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  • A pharma company needed to identify key gaps in cross-function teams’ understandings of the patient experience
  • Senior global leadership, clinical, patient engagement and sales teams experienced 24 hours as a person living with breast cancer
  • Cross-functional team experiences resulted in the company pioneering patient centricity

The Need for Team Collaboration

In the lead up to an internal patient insights workshop, a leading pharmaceutical organisation were looking for ways to facilitate a ‘full 360’ approach to patient centricity and enable a deeper understanding of the breast cancer patient experience. The goal was to identify key gaps and unmet needs within the breast cancer journey that could be leveraged in disease awareness and patient advocacy work.

The Breast Cancer Experience

Led by the patient engagement team, the global senior team were put through the A Life in a Day breast cancer experience where the participants get to act, think, speak, and feel like a patient. Each participant went about their daily work routine but throughout were given interactive challenges through an app, a kit of physical items and roleplay phone calls to simulate the challenges that a person living with breast cancer would face.

Following the success of the global senior team participation, the experience was then extended to over 100 participants throughout the clinical, patient engagement, and sales teams. This initiative sought to bridge the gap between teams’ perspectives and cultivate empathy and insight into the patient journey.

It hit close to home because I recently lost my second mother to Breast Cancer. Feeling how she must have felt, the emotional weight, the influence on day-to-day life, and realising how much courage and resilience she must have had to keep battling made me reflect. I felt powerless at times and wished to withdraw. But patients can’t opt out of the symptoms, which is a crucial insight for me.

Head of Immunology and Neuroscience

Taking Patient Centricity Global

The workshop proved highly impactful, especially for the senior leadership team. Their engagement and profound experiences catalysed a larger rollout across the organisation’s global operations resulting in a deeper understanding of the patient’s perspective and unmet needs throughout the business. The initiative led to increased collaboration and alignment among teams, fostering a more patient-centric approach to decision-making and strategy development.

Due to the success of the initiative, the organisation is implementing plans to expand this approach to other therapy areas and markets, leveraging the experience model to enhance cross-functional understanding and drive patient-centric innovation globally. This initiative not only fostered collaboration and alignment within the organisation but also positioned it as a leader in patient-centric healthcare innovation.

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