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A Life in a Day is a unique, immersive experience lasting up to 24 hours. Participants go about their lives as normal… but for the duration they experience what it is like to live with a specific disease or condition. The experience is delivered using 3 components:

The App

The app sends interactive challenges to your smartphone that reflect the patient experience. For up to 24 hours, you must walk in a patients shoes, face their choices and experience the consequences of the decisions you make. The app integrates with your day so you experience what it is like to truly live with the condition.

“I had my experience yesterday, and can tell you it has given me a completely new outlook on HF. I am going to change the way I prioritise this in our region” 

Brand Manager, Dubai

Live role play

Actors contact you by phone in multiple roles throughout the experience. Based on real conversations, you are confronted with the difficult realities and painful dilemmas that patients face every day.

“I have never done anything like this. It truly puts you in a patients’ shoes, and it really gave you new perspective and empathy.”

Marketing CVRM, Sweden

The Kit

You receive a sealed kit of items that you are instructed to open during the experience. These physically enhance the journey and help bring it viscerally to life.

Well what an experience that was! In over 15 years I have never experienced a training package as enlightening and useful as this one.”


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