Measuring Impact

We understand how important it is to support innovative ideas with concrete evidence.

A research paper published in the BMC Nursing explored the impact of the A Life in a Day experience on oncology nurses and pharmacists. The study showed:  

  • 97% of all participants strongly agreed they felt empathy for RCC patients
  • 90% strongly agreed they feel inspired to place the patient at the centre of their work
  • Participants reported changes to clinical practice this involved being more holistic in their care and taking on more responsibility.

“When work is busy and pressure is quite high, it’s quite easy to see the patient as not too much as an individual but sort of another prescription to go through, because there’s another 10 prescriptions waiting for you but I think that the experience really changed that mindset to build the patient as an individual and they have their own life and family, jobs.”

The paper concludes:

“It is recommended that simulation is used as a method of CPD for registered nurses, pharmacists and other HCPs and should be included in the curricula of undergraduate courses of all HCPs.”

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