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A Life in a Day has been developed to increase patient centric thinking and behaviour for people who work in healthcare.

Transforming patient centric thinking and behaviour throughout your organisation and increasing passion and commitment by enabling individuals to appreciate the importance their role can have on improving patient lives.

Sales & Brand

  • Improve patient-centred sales skills
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Increase knowledge

“Every internal selling validation I have observed today has involved the reps telling the doctors about the ALIAD experience and how it has impacted them. “

Development Manager, Global Commercial, UK

Medical & R&D

  • Bring data to life
  • Increase real-world patient understanding
  • Improve the patient experience

A great experience, I never understood the complexity and number of issues patients have to deal with. It will make me consider what we put our patients through when asking them to participate in trials

Clinical Research Associate, Germany

Engage HCP’s and PAG’s

  • An innovative way to engage with your customers
  • Demonstrate your commitment to patients
  • Provides customers and support groups with measurable educational benefits

“I think ALL healthcare professionals working in diabetes should go through this experience. It was very humbling to understand the true impact of the disease on patients. After nearly 25 years of treating patients, this is the first time in my whole career I have been through a programme that helps me to truly understand the burden of the disease.”

Dr Thomas Barber, University of Warwick and University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire (UHCW)

Marketing & PR

  • Innovative tool to attract press and media coverage
  • Demonstrate organisational commitment to patient centricity
  • Raise disease awareness

“As marketeers and communicators, we need to delve far more deeply and our insights need to include the emotional, practical and motivational understanding. The better we understand these, the better equipped we’ll be to develop the interventions or communications that will make the difference.”

Mike Dixon, PM Live, May 2022

Engage Policy Makers & Payers

  • Raise disease awareness
  • Demonstrate organisational commitment to patient centricity
  • Increase understanding of the challenges patients face

“As a physician and someone who has family members with COPD I thought I knew everything about the patient experience, but I was wrong. Participating in A Life in a Day has given me a deeper understanding of our patients and I strongly recommend you take part in this valuable program”

Medical Director, Netherlands

Increase Patient-Centricity

  • Measurably transform patient centric thinking & behaviour
  • Demonstrate your commitment to put patients first
  • Powerful induction programme

 “ [A Life in a Day] has been such a valuable experience because it really enables us to use experiential learning for our teams in a way that matters so that they really understand their patients and the healthcare professionals.”

Global Capability Development Manager

The Outcomes

Delivered Global Patient Centric goals

  • 98% participants have increased empathy for patients
  • 92% participants have increased understanding of real world patient impact

Supported commercial targets

  • Integrated into product training
  • 94% increase in confidence talking to HCPs about patient experience

Increased patient focused behaviours

  • 100% of participants feel inspired to place the patient at the centre of what they do
  • 86% of participants deliver a patient focused action within 30 days

Empathy is one of the fundamental tools of the therapeutic relationship between the carers and their patients and it has been proven that its contribution is vital to better health outcomes. Research shows that empathy is associated with increased adherence to medication, fewer mistakes, increased patient satisfaction and better results for patients.

Healthcare professionals

  • Increase awareness of non-clinical impact of disease
  • Improve patient conversations
  • Develop consistent understanding across multidisciplinary teams

Patient advocacy groups

  • Powerful tool to increase disease awareness
  • Help others understand the patient experience
  • Measurable educational benefits

“I feel that this will really improve my practice. In a busy hospital, it can be quite easy to distance yourself from the reality of what patients go through. This experience will make me think more about the experience of patients in between their treatments and how they cope with it. I will be able to empathise even more with them in the future.”

James Lochrie, Specialist Oncology Pharmacist, Royal Free Hospital, London

“A Life in a Day is an incredibly powerful way to bridge the gap between people working in pharma & healthcare and the day to day reality of patients. We often hear about organisations and healthcare professionals who want to be more patient-centred in their approach – this is real world patient centricity in action.“

Rose Woodward – Co-founder, Advocate, Patient

The Outcomes

A research paper published in the BMC Nursing explored the impact of the A Life in a Day experience on oncology nurses and pharmacists. The study showed  

  • 97% of all participants strongly agreed they felt empathy for RCC patients
  • 90 % strongly agreed they feel inspired to place the patient at the centre of their work
  • Participants reported changes to clinical practice this involved being more holistic in their care and taking on more responsibility.

It is recommended that simulation is used as a method of CPD for registered nurses, pharmacists and other HCPs and should be included in the curricula of undergraduate courses of all HCPs.


“I have never done anything like this. It truly puts you in a patients’ shoes, and it really gave you new perspective and empathy.”

Marketing CVRM, Sweden

“The entire A Life in a Day team has been exceptional and a pleasure to work with. The level of care and professionalism that the put into each phase of the project is impressive.  I feel they are just as invested in our outcomes as we are.”

Head of Learning Infrastructure and Standards

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